The novelties introduced under the FUNCH brand consist of walnut oil enriched with algae docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) oil in a 50 ml drip format or in a 250 ml bottle; the same formats are available for macadamia oil.

The oil can be added to granola, cooked cereals, cooked vegetable puree, and salads, but the dropper version is specially designed for parents to add to their babies’ meals from six months old, while the 250ml bottle version is for family consumption.

All products contain 2.5 percent algae DHA oil and 97.5 percent walnut oil or macadamia oil.

Dropper walnut oil from FUNCH

However, there is a difference in the amount of DHA that is available in walnut and macadamia oils.

Every 100 ml of walnut oil contains 933 mg of algae DHA, while every 100 ml of macadamia oil contains 947 mg of a higher amount of algae DHA.

The products, which have been sold via e-commerce in China and Australia since May, are said to have been formulated in conjunction with and on the basis of market research data from Alibaba.

The company told NutraIngredients-Asia that both China and Australia were showing a trend towards plant-based, meat-free and organic foods alongside healthier eating habits, and these were areas that matched its business strategies.

This was also the view of market-leading nutrition companies like H&H, who said China, Australia along with Thailand, Vietnam and Japan would be key markets for plant-based foods.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the vegetable oil market is estimated at over $ 96 billion annually and growing at a CAGR of 3.5 percent.

“The development of the FUNCH edible oil range was an exciting opportunity for the Forbidden Foods team to integrate trends from overseas into a new product category.

“The growing popularity of herbal products in the mainstream is driving expansion into additional market categories, and the use of vegetable oil in the baby seasoning category will bring significant benefits to the mature edible oils sector,” said Product Manager Lisa Bourne.

While the products make no health claims, the brand website emphasized that the algae DHA oil could play a role in cognitive and visual development.

Vietnam debut

On the other hand, Forbidden Foods also recently debuted in Vietnam through an exclusive agreement with AusCom International that will distribute products from its infant and toddler food brand FUNCH in the country.

AusCom International specializes in the distribution of Australian products and has experience in the distribution of Blackmores, a2 Milk and Fonterra products in Vietnam.

“We gave the go-ahead after we had already started our FUNCH Vietnam website, the FUNCH Vietnam Shopee Store, the FUNCH Vietnam Facebook page and the first order of FUNCH baby food had already been ordered and delivered to AusCom, with a second order being secured is secured

“Vietnam has a population of over 97 million people and a rapidly growing middle class eager to feed their families with healthy and nutritious foods, making it a large and attractive market for FUNCH,” said Forbidden Foods Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Jarrod Milani.

The company announced that it will continue to expand its e-commerce presence by enhancing its fulfillment capabilities, increasing brand awareness, optimizing websites and seeking sales partnerships in the Asian markets.


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