Milk thistle

Milk thistle’s antioxidant properties extend the life expectancy of people with alcohol-related cirrhosis slightly. It also helps prevent brain cells from oxidizing, which leads to better memory retention. It has been found that amyloid plaques, most commonly found in Alzheimer’s patients, are reduced. This means that milk thistle has the potential to treat or prevent progressive brain disorders.

Above all, milk thistle is very safe to take. Only one percent of silymarin users reported minor side effects. These side effects include stomach upset, gas, or nausea. Although like other dietary supplements, they are not medicinal products. The effects of taking milk thistle are not immediately apparent.

Consulting a doctor is always the best course of action before taking any supplements or medications. It is also better to see if you are not allergic to the Compositae family of plants.

You can also gain essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids by taking other supplements like fish oil.

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