The certification enables Nuseed to apply the FOS eco-label to its products. Benita Boettner, General Manager of Nuseed Nutritional, confirms: “Nuseed’s commitment to responsible agriculture and solving environmental problems through the power of plants. .

“Aquaterra has the potential to double the global supply of DHA without putting a strain on marine resources,” she adds.

According to Nuseed, Aquaterra is Friend of the Sea’s first biotechnology certification and can deliver the nutritional benefits of microalgae through renewable canola.

The unique fatty acid profile improves production efficiency by increasing the total omega-3 content needed for higher quality, more nutritious fish.

Nuseed believes this provides greater flexibility to respond to retailer and consumer demand for salmon at a predictable price.

Tests by the food science research institute, the Norwegian Institute for Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima), on omega-3 from Nuseed obtained with rapeseed oil showed that salmon fed with this oil had the same omega-3 fillet values ​​as salmon fed salmon Fish oil.

Further analysis by the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) revealed that this oil is free of traces of DNA from genetically modified rapeseed. The oil is extracted from canola plants that have been genetically modified to produce DHA.


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